ORIC, besides facilitating the development of the university, increases brand recognition, improves the quality of management, guarantees success in research and development and increases the university's productivity and efficiency.

The fundamental objectives of the department are to:

  • represent the university's interests in research and development,
  • coordinate development projects and competitions in the university,
  • administer databases for research and development, which is essential for the management of the university to undertake related analyses,
  • disseminate information on research and development and related funding opportunities,
  • consult applicants for R&D projects and of the participants in such projects, and manage related contracts,
  • organize reporting on research and development activities.
  • identify research opportunities for faculty members
  • facilitate faculty to apply for research grants
  • provide legal, administrative and financial management support of research grants
  • support commercialization, licensing etc, of the university research products
  • promote the research culture
  • encourage the publishing of the subject journals
  • develop focal point for all the research related works in connection with funds/liaison with the funding agencies
  • support in patent filing
  • identify new ways and opportunities of collaborations.
  • create awareness regarding the ongoing research in UOG and also encouraging University-Industry linkages
  • arrange Training and Development programs

 In the light of above-mentioned functions and activities, ORIC is responsible for providing assistance and guidance to the faculty members and PhD scholars in the research projects and also responsible to interact with Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, and other funding/donor agencies.