Research Journals

  • Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies (PJLTS)
    HEC Recognized Multidisciplinary Journal

The Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies (PJLTS) is an annual blind peer reviewed publication of the University of Gujrat, Pakistan. PJLTS is also included in the University Grants Commission’s List of approved journals in India with other reputed national and international journals in the field of Translation Studies. The prime objective of this journal is to provide the research scholars an independent and trans-disciplinary forum for discourse on issues in Translation, Linguistics and related disciplines. It deals with the rising questions in Theoretical and Applied Translation. The trans-disciplinary nature of Translation Studies encourages researchers from fields like Art and History of Translation and its applications in various fields of knowledge and human endeavour, Linguistics, Language Learning, Comparative Literature, Literary History and Theory, Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Localization, Arts, Humanities and Social Science. We welcome research articles, empirical reports, reviews from the authors interested in any of these areas

  • Pakistan Journal of Social Issues (PJSI)
    Annual Research Journal of the University of Gujrat 
    ISSN: 2219-2433

The Pakistan Journal of Social Issues (PJSI) is an annual publication of the University of Gujrat aimed at providing an independent interdisciplinary forum for discourse on significant social science research and policy issues. It deals with questions of social justice broadly defined. Articles discuss particular social science or humanities issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical reports and debate policy alternatives. We encourage authors to discuss their research experiences and debate whether these experiences feed into an increased understanding of the research realm. We welcome papers in the field of social sciences and humanities, including sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, public health, education, statistics, management, law and linguistics.

  • Hayatian Journal of Linguistics and Literature (HJLL)
Hayatian Journal of Linguistics and Literature (HJLL) is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published annually by the Department of English, University of Gujrat, Pakistan. The journal, with its wider scope, covers variety of areas in linguistics and literature with an aim to promote the current debates and the emerging trends in these fields of inquiry, internationally. HJLL is a premier source of the exchange of information, experiences, and ideas in linguistics and literature. HJLL encourages the original submissions of the research that meets the standards of academic excellence and significantly adds to our understanding of the current theoretical, empirical and practical issues.